2021 Olympic Sports Betting


The world is finding it’s normalcy again, and just in time for the 2021 summer Olympics. With this, comes Olympics sports betting as well and we will show you promotions throughout different sportsbooks, odds, and provide you with a rundown on Olympics sports betting in general!

Olympic Sports Odds

According to Forbes, the most popular bet summer Olympic sports are swimming, gymnastics, and track, but that also with the help of star athletes such as Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, and Usain Bolt. With Phelps and Bolt not participating in the Olympics this year, this probably won’t be the case this, but here are the odds for countries to win the gold medal in other popular sports.

Men’s Olympic Basketball

USA’s Men’s Basketball team seemed to struggle in the exhibition games, but that has not affected the odds too much for them as they are still the clear favorite. Here are the updated odds per William Hill:

USA: -300

Australia: +700

Spain: +1100

Slovenia: +1800

France: +2000

Women’s Olympic Basketball

The USA women’s team has been on an absolute tear in recent games going 17-1 before competing for the medal. Team USA opens their first game as 30.5 point favorites, and rightfully so as other countries just do not have the height and power that the USA Women’s team has. Here are the Fan Duel odds for the gold medal:

USA: -1200

Australia: +1200

Spain: +2500

France: +2300

Serbia: +3400

Women’s Olympic Soccer

The USA Women’s Soccer team comes into the Olympics as the powerhouse favorite placing in all 10 of their last 10 Olympics (4 gold and 6 silver medals) and show no signs of slowing down after their performance in their qualifying rounds. Here are the odds presented by BetMGM for gold medal finalist for the Women’s Soccer:

USA: +100

Netherlands: +500

Great Britain: +500

Sweden: +550

Brazil: +1200

Men’s Olympic Volleyball

The race for the gold medal in this year’s Olympics for Men’s Volleyball is truly up in the air. The USA Men’s team might not compare to the Women’s team in terms of dominance, but they do still have a good chance to medal in this years Olympics in this sport. Here are the odds presented by BetMGM:

Poland: +185

Brazil: +250

France/ROC: +600

USA +700

Italy: +800

Women’s Olympic Volleyball

This year’s USA Women’s Volleyball team, by no surprise as they hold the record for most gold medals ever in Olympic volleyball, comes into these Olympics ranked #1, but are beat about by China as the favorites. Here are the odds presented by BetMGM:

China: +200

USA: +230

Italy: +350

Serbia: +500

Brazil: +700

How to Bet on the Olympics

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! There are five…yes…five… great sports betting apps you can use that are 100% legal to use to bet on the Olympics and all five of them will have promotions and boosts all throughout the Olympics that you can go app-to-app and fight what ones you like the most. The steps are simple:

  1. Use these links to download the apps and sign up: William HillPoints Bet / BetRivers / BetMGM / Fan Duel
  2. After signing up, deposit money into these accounts
  3. Find the Olympics tab and find your favorite sport(s) to bet on!

On these sportsbooks you can also find bets for:

Men’s: Field Hockey, Handball, Rugby,  Water Polo, Badminton, Baseball, Golf, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Track & Field!

Women’s: Field Hockey, Handball, Rugby, Water Polo, Badminton, Golf, Softball, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Track & Field!



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