Bet on The Royal Wedding

Its not too often we talk about weddings at SportsBet Magazine, but the office is a buzz this week in anticipation on the Royal Wedding. The wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be live streamed into households throughout the World and whilst typically this doesn’t normally excite me there is hope for some sort of pleasure to justify the 4am USA time wakeup call. Whilst the Ladies will be gathering there early morning Mimosas and eyes glazed at the beautiful dresses and ceremony, I will have my form guide in hand ready to have a bet. Yes, you heard me right. This Royal Wedding has captured the minds of Bookmakers and the creativity of the Markets is quite interesting, from will dinner be beef or chicken to highest ratings Television stations. Now whilst we can’t handicap this like a Horse Race thanks to the wonderful world of Google we can still do our due diligence and research perhaps Prince Harrys favorite foods, Meghan Markles? Past Dishes served at Royal Ceremonies? Just like that we can create an educated outlook on what might be dished up on the big day!

Im not for a second saying we should put the bank roll on Chicken, but if your like me and dragged out of bed at 4am to watch a wedding you can have a sneaky interest on the side…

The Main Course Will Be… (All research points to the Duck)


Artist of 1st Dance Song (Adele Looks Value)

Whitney Houston
Elton John
Ed Sheeran
Maggie Rogers
Alicia Keys
John Legend
Mr Little Jeans
Janelle Monae
Marvin Gaye
Flight Facilities
Take That
Bob Marley
Bruno Mars
Frank Sinatra
James Blunt

Fun Markets

Any guest objects to the Marriage during the ceremony
Meghan to get the order of Prince Harry’s names wrong during the vows
Kate and the Queen’s hat to be the same colour
Prince Harry to drop the wedding ring during the ceremony
The wedding car to break down on the way to Westminster Abbey
Prince Harry to forget the wedding ring
Meghan to ditch Prince Harry at the altar




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