EPL – Chelsea Lose, Rode Ahead for Title Contenders

The most important team in the next month of the Premier League’s race for the Top Four is Hull City.

For Real!

After Tottenham Hotspur snapped Chelsea’s 13-match losing streak, the table is looking a lot more friendly for would-be title contenders who ply their trade away from Stamford Bridge.

Hull faces three of the six contenders for the crown in the next month: Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

While that spells trouble for the Tigers, the remaining fixtures spell good fortune for some PL sides and could be trouble for the leaders.


Jan. 14 – at Leicester City
Jan. 22 – vs. Hull City
Jan. 31 – at Liverpool
Feb. 4 – vs. Arsenal

Not much to like here, as the leaders’ five-point table advantage will be tested twice in five big days between the Reds and Gunners. And heading to Leicester is no waltz either.


Jan. 15 – at Manchester United
Jan. 21 – vs. Swansea City
Jan. 31 – vs. Chelsea
Feb. 4 – at Hull City

Two huge tilts on the docket are spelled by trips against relegation teams who will likely be under roster tumult. Could be worse, but also could be much, much better.

Tottenham Hotspur

Jan. 14 – vs. West Brom
Jan. 21 – at Man City
Jan. 31 – at Sunderland
Feb. 4 – vs. Middlesbrough

Spurs have already bested Man City once, and will love their chances of creeping toward the top of the table by the time Boro visits to kickstart February.


Jan. 14 – at Swansea City
Jan. 22 – vs. Burnley
Jan. 31 – vs. Watford
Feb. 4 – at Chelsea

The Gunners may be kicking themselves for the 3-3 draw at Bournemouth long after this season is over. Claiming nine points from nine ahead of Chelsea is a necessity.

Manchester City

Jan. 15 – at Everton
Jan. 21 – vs. Spurs
Feb. 1 – at West Ham
Feb. 5 – vs. Swansea City

The toughest run of the bunch, City doesn’t have an “easy” looking fixture out of its next three (especially with West Ham looking prepared to the turn a corner).

Manchester United

Jan. 15 – vs. Liverpool
Jan. 21 – at Stoke City
Feb. 1 – vs. Hull City
Feb. 5 – at Leicester City

If the Red Devils can make it six-straight wins with a home defeat of Liverpool — no easy task given the opponent and a congested Cup schedule — there’s a decent chance they’ll be knocking on the door of the leaders in one month’s time.


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