Illinois Sports Betting – Crowd Booster from Pointsbet NFL Week 1

NFL week 1 is finally here and ready to take our attention off the pandemic and back on our favorite NFL franchises! Our partners at PointsBet are bringing the heat for Week 1 in Illinois. As Pointsbet have done in the past with Indiana Pacers crowd boosters, they are offering a no brainer for Week 1 for Chicago Bears fans, as they get set to boost the spread as more bettors participate! For reference to how amazing this promotion is for Illinois residents, the Pacers started 88 point favorites at the spread in the last promotion.

How it works – For every 200 bettors who bet the Bears, the spread will jump up a full point in the Bears favor. The best part is, there’s no limit to this crowd booster. If enough Illinois bettors take the Bears, this could jump to +150, essentially making this a guaranteed winner. Important to note if you place your bet on the Bears at +10 right now, you are not locked into that number. Everyone in Illinois who bets on the Bears will get the final line, no matter how high it goes. Just simply create an account with the link below, receive a matched deposit of up to $250 and place a line bet on the Chicago Bears to win!

Click HERE to secure the Best Bet for Sports Betting Fans in Indiana NFL week 1!


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