Judge Overturns Tom Brady’s Suspension

Judge Richard M. Berman has nullified the NFL’s four-game suspension of Tom Brady for his role in the Patriots’ ball deflation scandal. Pending an appeal (Update: the NFL will appeal, according to ESPN’s Andrew Brandt), Brady will start on opening night one week from tonight.

If the NFL does appeal, it could also seek a stay of Berman’s decision. If granted, that would reinstate Brady’s suspension.

Here, though, are the three ways the judge ruled that the NFL messed up:

  1. The NFL didn’t properly inform Brady of the punishment he faced, or even what he was accused of.
  2. The NFL didn’t let Brady’s camp question NFL executive and counsel Jeff Pash at his appeal.
  3. The NFL didn’t give Brady’s side the opportunity to examine the evidence against him.              After an exhausting Offseason focused on scandals, lets hope the NFL walk away from this and we can get back to Football!                                                                                                      New England are currently $9 to win Super Bowl 50. Betting is currently Suspended for there opening night clash VS the Steelers


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