Legal Sports Betting in America

2018 was an iconic year for the American Sports Betting Market with PASPA deemed unconstitutional paving the way for a legal regulated market. There is many conflicting headlines available on what is legal and what’s not, so we have simplified the below to help explain what exactly PASPA is, where we can now bet legally and the challenges that lay ahead for the regulated market in 2019.


In 1992, PASPA essentially made Nevada the only state allowed to offer legal sports betting. The law marked an effort by the federal government to end gambling-related corruption in sports. Now, with PASPA deemed unconstitutional, states can decide whether they want to offer sports wagering. Additionally, Congress now has the option to draft and pass a law legalizing sports betting at the federal level.

The Challenge Ahead – We must eliminate the Illegal Market

Eliminating the illegal Sports Betting market is ultimately up to us, Sports Bettors.

If we want more betting options, better data, advanced technology we must support the efforts and abide by the law. It’s been an incredible journey to get to here, one with great commitment and sacrifice. Against all odds it’s now on the doorstep, if it’s not yet available in your State it soon will be. We must as a collective industry take the power away from illegal Bookmakers.

The illegal market might be able to offer you better odds in the short term, but in the long term it only hurts us.

Illegal Market – Have the ability to offer me better odds – Why? They don’t pay taxes or fees.

Legal Market – I pay a premium through the vig, but I get all of these advantages:

*My bet is insured

*I have access to greater data through league partnerships

*Therefore I’m more likely to be educated, I have more of an advantage to win.

*With advanced data from major Leagues, I have a wider variety of betting options

*I support an industry as a whole, this creates economic growth and employment

States with legal Sports Betting

Seven states have legal, state-regulated sports betting industries.

  • Nevada sports betting
  • Delaware sports betting
  • New Jersey sports betting
  • Mississippi sports betting
  • West Virginia sports betting
  • Pennsylvania sports betting
  • Rhode Island sports betting

Sports Betting Tracker

Sports Leagues & Franchises join The Gold Rush

League/TeamCasino/sports betting partner
NBAMGM Resorts
NHLMGM Resorts
New York Jets (NFL)MGM Resorts, 888 Casino
Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)Caesars
Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)William Hill
New Jersey Devils (NHL)William Hill, Caesars
Dallas Cowboys (NFL)WinStar Casino
Baltimore Ravens (NFL)Horseshoe Baltimore (Caesars)



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