NFL Week 1 – What did we Learn

As you know we at SportsBet Magazine never bet or pretend to predict winners through the opening two NFL weeks. It’s madness, whatever you think you know, screw it up and throw it out because year after year the first two weeks set the tone for the season and often throw more surprise packages at you then thought possible. Minus the Ravens demolition of  a pathetic Buffalo, Week 1 was exciting and almost all games coming down to 1 possession and proves once again why the NFL is the most loved sport in America. It’s just dam exciting! 

The Ravens went berserk on the Bills. What does it mean? The Bills just suck and will be worse than the Browns last season. Hard to see them winning a game and expect over fluctuated line spreads in the future.

The Patriots showed up and that defense that we questioned all last season was fantastic against an exciting Houston outfit. Deshaun Watson will get better with time and the Texans are the real deal. Two legitimate contenders moving forward.

If I told you Ryan Fitzpatrick would go for 21/28 417 yards and 4 touchdowns you would say I was delusional? Well he did and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put up 31 points on the Saints in the first half. The Saints countered with 40 of their own points as the score finished at 48-40 in an offensive blow for blow exhibition. The Saints started the season last year with the worst defense in the NFL through the first 3 weeks, only to turn it around an end up ranked 4th. Can they turn the tide again? Drew Brees and the offense can’t carry this team alone.

Cam Newton and Carolina showed u and locked down the Dallas Cowboys at home. The Cowboys were terrible on the offensive side of the football whilst the Panthers may possess the best defensive unit in all of Football. Led by a healthy Luke Kuechly the Panthers shut down Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott in almost embarrassing fashion. The real question is does Carolina have enough weapons for Cam Newton to score? It’s more trickery than trade on the offensive side of the ball.

Aaron Rodgers put on a show for the ages, but it was truly the Green Bay Packers great escape. They were shutout at home by the Chicago Bears over the first half, in which the offensive line couldn’t protect Rodgers that led him to the dressing room in fears of a season ending injury. Khalil Mack was on a rampage, with 3 tackles, 2 solo, 1 TFL, 1 PD, 1 INT, 1 FF, 1 TD on a snap count and debut for Chicago. By the way it was just the greatest game a defensive player has ever had! Yes that happened and Aaron Rodgers came back and still won! He didn’t do it alone Cobb and Allison made two outstanding plays that resulted in touchdowns and the Packers pulled off the escape 24-23. They still have no running back and a defense that is just ok. Overall it was an escape more so than a win.

The Chargers, sigh… They found a way to lose again! Patrick Mahomes was outstanding and Tyreek Hill wreaked havoc with 2 TD’s and 179 yards. The Chargers defense missed Joey Bosa, but again the Chargers beat themselves. A laughable 4th quarter turnover and Phillip Rivers was slinging bombs on target sliding straight through receivers hands like they were wearing vaseline. They find another way to lose to a divisional rival and it feels like the same old Chargers. This was the game the Chargers lost, not the game the Chiefs won. Mahomes and the Chiefs are the real deal, if the Chargers put it together they are just better.

Denver starved off Seattle at home. Russell Wilson threw 2 interceptions whilst Case Keenum through 3. Von Miller was sensational and showed the Denver defense isn’t done with yet, whilst Emmanuel Sanders showed that he is the forgotten top 10 wide receiver in the game, granted he hasn’t had a decent QB in 3 seasons. Watch out for the Broncos running game and duet of Freeman and Lindsay, if your a Fantasy Player great value and Lindsay has Kareem Hunt blowout potential. Seattle could be in for a long season, their time at the top is closing rapidly.

Washington rolled over a pathetic Cardinals lineup. Adrien Petersen turned back the clock to rush for 97 yards and a TD, whilst also receiving 70. Is it sustainable? Probably not. The Cardinals never looked like troubling the scorers and have a long road ahead.

Andrew Luck looked amazing for the Colts but it still wasn’t enough. He has no help and can’t be expected to carry that franchise alone. The Bengals got the job done without getting anyone excited. Can’t take a lot away from this one, Andrew Luck looked a lot better than expected but still got banged up. He needs help in a hurry.

The Giants lost at home to the Jaguars. Big problem! They were underdogs at home but the Jaguars are a terrible road team and Blake Bortles led them to victory without their most important offensive piece Leonard Fournette who was forced to the locker room.

Eli Manning was laughable and I don’t see them winning with him at the help. They passed on Sam Darnold for Saquon Barkley who was great on debut, but this team needs a reliable Quarterback which Manning has not been for 2 years now. 15 points at home and you have Odell Beckham catching anything near him. Not good enough.

The 49ers. Well… We stood by Jimmy Garoppolo and the pornstar fiasco noting in his own time he should be able to do whatever he wants. I take that back, the undefeated QB was all but that yesterday thrown 3 interceptions on his way to 15/33 and 260 yards. His mind was clearly elsewhere. Kirk Cousins was decent and the Vikings won at home but didn’t blow me away. San Francisco only lost by 8 on a game that Jimmy G through 3 interceptions on the road in Minnesota. Jury is out on the Vikings and expect the 49ers to improve even with little to no running game.

Miami fended off Tennessee at home in the marathon match. The game was delayed twice with inclement weather, but what about the inclement Quarterbacks? Mariota was dreadful, Gabbert is just a backup and Ryan Tannehill will always be Ryan Tannehill. Ordinary spectacle and can’t trust either team moving forward. Titans lost Mariota and 3 starters to injury, perhaps I can draw a line through it for now.

The Steelers tied with the Browns. Come again? Big Ben was just awful! Three interceptions on 23/41 and they still didn’t lose? Cleveland has to win that game, a missed field goal to win in extra time is a crying shame for Browns fans and a franchise starving for a win. The Steelers lone saviour backup Running Back James Conner rushed for 135 yards and two touchdowns to create further controversy in Pittsburgh and the Le’veon Bell disaster.

The Browns look reenergized and improved, but that had to win that ball game. Trouble in Pittsburgh on and off the field, can’t trust them at the moment and a serious lack of confidence. They are vastly losing their identity.


In Super Bowl Markets the Patriots firmed to outright favorites in betting and kansas City fimed from $31 to $23. As expected the Giants and the Bills were the big drifters.

New England Patriots 6.25
Philadelphia Eagles 9.50
Los Angeles Rams 10.00
Minnesota Vikings 10.00
Pittsburgh Steelers 11.00
Green Bay Packers 12.00
Jacksonville Jaguars 19.00
New Orleans Saints 19.00
Atlanta Falcons 21.00
Houston Texans 23.00
Kansas City Chiefs 23.00
Los Angeles Chargers 23.00
Baltimore Ravens 26.00
Carolina Panthers 29.00
Dallas Cowboys 29.00
Denver Broncos 34.00
San Francisco 49ers 34.00
Seattle Seahawks 41.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 41.00
Chicago Bears 51.00
Detroit Lions 51.00
Washington Redskins 51.00
Cincinnati Bengals 67.00
New York Giants 67.00
Tennessee Titans 67.00
Cleveland Browns 81.00
Indianapolis Colts 81.00
Miami Dolphins 81.00
Oakland Raiders 81.00
Arizona Cardinals 151.00
New York Jets 151.00
Buffalo Bills 251.00


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