World Cup Headlines & Round of 16 Matchups

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been electric! Late goals, controversy VAR decisions and match winning performances by the games elite have provided must watch Football. The final 16 is set and it promises to be epic. The bracket of death looks impossible to predict, while England and Spain top the other side of the bracket. Everything you need to know in a snapshot  right here!

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Germany – Going, Going, Gone! Never looked like a contender, this German outfit looked old and slow lacking any identity. They were well beaten by Mexico, got lucky against Sweden and South Korea scored 2 late Goals to officially put the nail in the coffin.

Messi’s MagicLionel Messi missed a PK and put in 2 very ordinary performances lacking leadership and at times desire. In game 3 the script flipped! He was the vocal leader Argentina needed and provided a goal for the highlight reel which was just enough to qualify for the final 16. What Argentina will show up? With Messi anything is possible!

Cruising Croatia – Luka Modric has been a magician, his silky skills and electric passing has set Croatia as legitimate contenders. They are on the favourable side of the draw, and if they beat Spain in an even potential quarter final matchup they could go all the way.

Powerful PortugalRonaldo was doing Ronaldo things in the first two games, however against a strong Iran outfit struggled to find a free flowing system. Ronaldo was very fortunate to not be red carded in that match and Portugal must be saying their prayers to have him suit up against Uruguay. Against quality they are a major contender, when teams close them down defensively they will always struggle.

Fine FranceFrance have been nice. Nothing special. Electric roster yet to find the recipe for success. If they do, look out. They meet the mess of Argentina nextup, trick game for me they will have to put there best foot forward.

Senegal Snagged – Lose on fair play points? Its 2018 how is that a thing? Should we VAR yellow cards now? Circumstances of games have so much to do with fouls, this ruling is outdated. They should be the first African team to advance.

Mexico In-N-Out – They were gone well defeated by Sweden, only to be saved by South Korea! There counter attack was on full display in a dominant performance over Germany and in a free flowing style of game they are quick and have youth on their side. Can upset Brazil.

English Tea – The Poms can be the most ruthless fans in all of sports but the nation might have just had its greatest loss in history. Losing to Belgium after both teams rotated 8 players see’s them miss the group of death. They haven’t set the world alight yet, but the potential is there. Yet to play a quality team other than Belgium and you can draw a line through that game.

Colombia Clicked – A ruthless red card in game 1 gave them no chance, then they fought back with two solid performances to qualify and they finally clicked as a unit. Falcao can improve, while the injury concern to James Rodriguez holds there World Cup hopes.

Busting Brazil – Get it right! Gabriel Jesus is a delight to watch but absolutely lost in the national teams system. His lack of experience is evident and has yet to trouble the scorer playing nearly every minute in the number 10 position. An injury to Marcelo hurts there defense, but they are magical going forward. They swap Firmino for Jesus they win the whole thing.

Spanish Fortune – The Spanish defense is not what it once was, they fell on the right side of the bracket and have enough quality to turn it around. A crucial potential Quarter Final matchup against Croatia holds the key to making the final. They have an embarrassing riches in the scoring department. Isco has been sensational!

Useful Uruguay – Cavani and Suarez need we say more. They have been in third gear so far and if there dynamic duo make the most of their chances they could have won their games by a lot more. Portugal are no slouch, tough matchup. High scoring game.

Bully Ball Russia – The hosts have been the surprise packet of the tournament, they are a major threat in the air and have been hard to move off the ball. Ramos and Spain might have something to say about that.

Brilliant Belgium – The 50-1 we took in January looks a dream and a matchup with Japan in the round of 16 gets us to a quarter final. The bracket of death is not ideal and to be fair would have liked to see them lose against England. They cause havoc at every position and assert youthful energy yet to be matched. They can win it all, no early cash outs here.






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