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XFL Betting – Why the XFL will be a success

The highly anticipated XFL will launch its first game this weekend. There is much discussion as to whether it will be a giant flop like Vince McMahon’s first go round in the football world. I’m here to tell you why it will be a success, and to the point a very good investment!

Sports betting – What do you need for Sports betting to be successful? Sports! What could be more interesting than a new league! I feel for the Sports books, handicapping new franchises, coaches, players and new rules? Sign me up! With US states storming the voting ballot to legalize and tax sports betting you have an immediate market in legal states who “need” to replace the NFL with a new sport. The XFL has openly talked about having live stream odds and commentators discussing sports betting on live broadcasts. It will work and I think there couldn’t be a better time to implement a new football league.

Sports betting and the connection – The XFL will directly engage with sport fandom and sports engagement, they will be running live odds on live broadcasts for the first time in the United States. For a lot of sports fans, free-to-play gaming, fantasy and legal sports betting have become an essential  part to the football experience, just as relevant as the helmet, ball and football jersey.

33 networks craving new content – Let’s face it, Sports Media has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. Now with ESPN plus and Fox Sports looking at subscription based models over several channels they are in desperate need of content. Live sport is the BEST content!

2 Biggest Broadcasters – ESPN and Fox Sports plus 1 of the worlds biggest promoters Vince McMahon combine with the Murdoch family and the Disney group. History and business suggests the XFL is in pretty good hands.

Hole in the schedule – Research shows we need content this time of year. The superbowl funk, fear no longer! XFL fills that void with a fast paced environment and a very exciting new concept. Even if you’re just a football fan in general, you at the very least want to watch the XFL to see how the rule changes look. After all fans have been discussing them for years, the NFL did not listen but the XFL have.

For all the kicker haters in the NFL, breathe – the PAT in the NFL has no strategy and often kickers are hated in the sport. The XFL will have 3 passing options for the xtra point, that will all be worth 1, 2 & 3. Imagine going for a 9 point touchdown? Handicap that! This is another fantastic XFL initiative to keep the game at a fast paced interactive environment. Handicapping and betting the XFL won’t only be about 3 and 7 point indicators in spreads and totals. Coaching will become as important as ever and teams can score in bunches quickly, making for higher scoring totals more comebacks and a greater depth of entertainment.

Sports and politics are a dying breed? why? There one of the very few things left in this world you must WATCH LIVE! Lets fast it, everything else is on demand. Sports and politics are must watch live entertainment.

XFL Schedule

For the complete XFL schedule click HERE

Betting the XFL

Where can you bet the XFL

All major online legal regulated Sportsbooks will be accepting bets on the XFL. This will be particularly difficult for Online Sportsbooks with no historic data on not just players but rules. Especially with over/unders with the 1,2 or 3 point conversions. This will make live betting in particular very interesting. Expect and identify plenty of betting value in the early weeks, another major note is often offshore Sports books can dictate early quotes (The markets are just open earlier), I don’t see a big push from european markets to bet on the XFL. Laying the foundation for value. 

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What can you bet on?

XFL betting will be much like the NFL, Point spreads, odds to win the championship and season win totals are already live on most sportsbooks. In addition, totals on individual games will be offered on a weekly basis, and the plan is to offer player props once the season gets underway. The Sports books need data, as the season progresses expect more prop bets and XFL betting opportunities. The spread margins are very interesting for week 1, with XFL sports books looking at 7.5 and 9.5 spread totals. Of course as we know teams can score 7, 8 or as much as 9 on a one touch down conversion.

XFL Odds

Week 1 odds are below, with plenty of value as the XFL Sports books come in very conservative. No major market moves, I expect Dallas as a great team to watch given the offensive coordinator history and offensive talent. They will be a fun team to watch and could throw the ball 60 times. They open the biggest favorite in week 1 at -9.5.

Seattle Dragons at D.C. Defenders

Spread: Defenders -7.5 (-110), Dragons +7.5 (-110)

Los Angeles Wildcats at Houston Roughnecks

Spread: Roughnecks -5.5 (-110), Wildcats +5.5 (-110)

Tampa Bay Vipers at New York Guardians

Spread: Vipers -2.5 (-115), Guardians +2.5 (-105)

St. Louis BattleHawks at Dallas Renegades

Spread: Renegades -9 (-110), Battlehawks +9 (-110)

XFL and NFL Betting – The difference

The major difference will be the lack of betting opportunities in the early weeks of the XFL Schedule. Due to the lack of data and implementation of new rules and how coaches will prepare for them. You might also find Sports Book setting very conservative limits until the data is trustworthy. For example the  XFL’s new rules were designed to speed up the game, and that will likely have a direct impact on betting and scoring. According to the XFL officials, XFL preseason games averaged 163 to 167 total plays per game. NFL games averaged 126.8 offensive snaps per game this season. What does that mean? More scoring, more high pressure, more comebacks. Which indirectly means Sports books will need to be conservative with not only their XFL odds, but limits.


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